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Get a Full-Body Workout in 20 Minutes with these Stability Ball Exercises

Get a Full-Body Workout in 20 Minutes with these Stability Ball Exercises


young woman working out The exercise ball is a great piece of equipment! Your gym should have several sizes, or you can buy one that you like, often for less than $15, for at-home workouts.
It’s a very versatile piece of equipment!

There are many exercises that you can perform on a stability ball, and today I will cover a full-body workout that takes no more than 20 minutes, to fit easily into your busy life. If you have comments, questions or your own favorite exercise ball moves to add, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Perform each stability ball exercise for one minute. Once you complete all 6 exercises, take a one minute break and start again. Complete the cycle 3 times to make this a 20 minute workout.

As always, consult with our doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.


This is a variation on the classic that is so good for your legs and butt! Put your ball against a wall and make sure your knees are at 90 degrees when you squat. Roll up and down the wall to do your squat, and add hand weights for an extra challenge.
Video example:

Hamstring curls

This is a great exercise for your hamstrings and abs! Start with your feet on the ball and lift your body. Then roll the ball in toward your bottom using your hamstrings. For more of challenge, try this using only one leg on the ball.
Video example:


This exercise is great because it works your arms, chest and abs. Put the ball at your ankles and go into plank position. Do a pushup and come back to plank. Then, using your abs, roll the ball into your body. You can also separate out these movements, doing either the pushup or ab rolls in.
Video example: 

Ab extension

Work those ab trouble spots quickly! Hold the ball in your hands, then using your abs, sit-up and transfer the ball to your feet. Again using your abs, transfer the ball back to your hands and repeat the cycle. For more of a challenge, use a heavier ball. If this is too difficult initially, do the movements without the ball and build up to incorporating the ball.
Video example:

Oblique bend

Love handles be gone! This exercise targets those troublesome side muscles. Put your feet against a wall and lean over the ball. Using your oblique muscles (those side tummy muscles), lift up and down in a crunch motion. For more of a challenge, place your arms above your head. For less, place your arms crossed over your shoulders. Video example:

Chest presses

Work out the arms, shoulder and chests as well! Lay on the ball, using your abs and hips to keep you lifted and your legs at 90 degrees. If you have weights, use these to press up and down using your chest. If you have no weights, you can still do the same motion. As an added exercise, you can do a fly, which is with your arms straight and opening to the side.
Video example: