Easter Leftovers: Easy, Healthy and Delicious Treats!



Healthy Easter Treats!

Did the Easter Bunny leave a few more treats that you had anticipated? Turns out, there are so many tasty options for all those leftovers you have after this Spring-y holiday!


Leftover: Hard boiled eggs

They are so fun to dye and decorate, but facing dozens of hardboiled eggs can be daunting, indeed!


Rather than transforming into a different dish, transform the eggs into little chickens or ducks! With slices of peppers or carrots, you can make adorable creatures that pack a protein punch!


Looking for a little more transformation? Try these twists on classic hard-boiled eggs recipes:

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs (You could also use some of your leftover ham!)

Cookies made with Hard-Boiled Eggs. It’s true! And delicious.

Scotch Eggs. Not the healthiest option, but a classic and great for an indulgent breakfast.


Leftover: Ham

Left with more ham than you know what to do with? This could actually be your lucky day! These are some of our favorite Easter leftover recipes: what are yours?


Perfect for kids: Natural Green Eggs and Ham! Using no artificial dyes, whip up this clever take on a Dr. Seuss classic!

Ham & Cheese muffins. An easy and hearty breakfast. Make extra for freezing, and to use up all the ham.

Split Pea and Ham Soup. A tasty option for those still-chilly Spring evenings, healthy and yummy.


Leftover: Mashed Potatoes

Leftover mashed potatoes are a great problem to have! Here are some of our favorite ways to use them up.


Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes. Good for breakfast or lunch or snacks or any time!

Homemade Gnocchi. Don’t be scared, these are delicious with your favorite pasta sauce.

Mashed Potato and Veggie Quiche. A tasty transformation of mashed potatoes for breakfast or lunch the next day.


There are lots of great ideas for leftover recipes and treats on Google and Pinterest, and these are some of our favorites. What are yours?