Share with your doctor for better care!



Communicating with your PCP

Health care can be complex, but your primary doctor (often called your PCP, or Primary Care Provider) is an important team member! In fact, regarding your PCP as a partner in your health is a great way to understand the relationship.


Whenever you go to any doctor, specialist, or even the Emergency Room or Urgent Care, make sure your PCP knows and receives the medical records.


Being able to share with your doctor and keeping your PCP updated on all doctors and specialists involved in your care can save you a lot of time and money (and headache).


You and your PCP play a huge role in making sure you’re getting the right care.


Whenever you visit a doctor or medical provider, be sure you do the following:

  • Share your PCP name, and get the names of the doctors who are caring for you.
  • Tell your PCP all prescriptions you have, even if another doctor prescribes them.
    • This is vital! Some medications react badly to other medications, so they need to know in order to keep you safe.
    • Sign a consent form for the release of your medical records, so that the hospital or specialist can send this information to your PCP.
    • Finally, be sure to communicate all symptoms and treatments to all your doctors, no matter how embarrassing they might seem to you. Doctors have heard it all, and an embarrassing symptom might be a key clue in helping diagnose and treat you.

Sharing your medical information is important to making sure you get the best and most effective care. It’s also one of the reasons that having a steady PCP is so important; they can help you keep track of everything.


Stay well!