"Give the Gift of Life": World Blood Donation Day



Donate Blood, Save Lives

Did you know that a single unit of donated blood can save up to three lives? It’s true! Plus you often get free juice and cookies after donation, to celebrate your gift.


Today is the 10th Annual World Blood Donation Day. Blood transfusions literally save lives every day; millions of lives are saved and improved every year.


Join the global effort today to make sure that every person has adequate access to a safe and adequate blood supply.



Wondering if you’re eligible?


You probably are. Most medications and travel experiences do not impact your ability to give blood. Recent piercings, very low weight, and some illnesses might impact your eligibility. Bonfils has an eligibility description here, to help you determine whether or not you can donate.



Wondering where you can donate?


Most hospitals have blood banks and the ability to take donations, including Children’s Hospital. Call your favorite hospital for information.


The Red Cross and Bonfils also have multiple blood donation locations around the state. Find the most convenient site for you.


It’s best if you make an appointment, to minimize your wait time.



Have more questions?

If you are wondering what the process is like, if it really saves lives, how long it takes, and other common questions, Bonfils has your answers.



Give the Gift of Life this year, join World Blood Donation Day.