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30 Minute Workout with the ViPR

30 Minute Workout with the ViPR


young woman working out with trainer It’s the New Year, and that often means a resolution to be healthier and workout. I’m excited to give you a fun, quick way to do so! Plus, a fun workout helps the resolution last past February.

The fun is a new tool called a ViPR, which is not as scary as its name implies, and the workout is only 30 minutes! The ViPR is a hollow rubber tube with handles built into it, and it comes in various weights. It looks like this:   (image courtesy of You can use it to complement your workout or for a complete body workout, from warm-up, to squats, to upper body movements. I have included a warm-up with video (2-3 minutes) and 30-minute workout with pictures to help.

You can also begin with just the warm-up routine using the ViPR to familiarize yourself with this piece of equipment. Then proceed to the 30-miute workout below. Please modify as needed and work to your own ability. And let me know your thoughts on the ViPR. I can provide more routines or individual exercises. Happy workout!

Warm-up only

  1. Toe Taps
  2. Jog
  3. Squat with ViPR through the legs
  4. Lateral Plank
  5. High Knees

    Warm-up Video

30-minute routine:

PLEASE NOTE: The Men’s Health article linked to below lists 9 exercises. I would encourage you to start with what I listed below (7 exercises per set), and do each for 1 minute with a 2-3 minute break between each full set of 7 exercises. Strive for a total of three sets. If you feel ambitious, start with the 2-3 minute warm-up above, then do this routine. If you do 3 sets of these 7 exercises with a 3 minute break in-between, that is your 30-minute workout!

  1. Squat with ViPR through the legs
  2. Lateral shuffle with ViPR tilt
  3. Integrated deadlift to bent-over row
  4. Front squat to overhead press
  5. Lunge with lateral rotation
  6. Burpees to lateral shift
  7. Core rolling ViPR plank and press-up
Men’s Health article for explanation and demonstration of exercises