Do You Understand Health Insurance?



How well do you understand health insurance benefits?

There is a lot of information! A healthcare economist at Carnegie Mellon University did a study on how well individuals with health insurance actually understood their benefits. 202 people who had employer-sponsored health insurance took a four-question quiz on defining the most common health insurance terms.

If you’d like, we encourage you to challenge yourself to take the quiz here! It will only take a few minutes and no personal information is required. Answers are at the bottom of the article.

How well did you understand health insurance benefits? If you are like the majority of quiz-takers, you got at least one question right, but you likely did not get all of them correct (only 14% did) Never has it been more important to understand health insurance than in the complex health insurance climate of today!

As you are starting to shop for your 2014 healthcare coverage, or if you just want to know more about benefits, we wanted to give you some important tools in the articles below: