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Health Benefits of Music and the Written Word: Jazz and Poetry Month

Health Benefits of Music and the Written Word: Jazz and Poetry Month


jazz player Colorado hosts several Jazz Festivals and Poetry Festivals  every summer. Not only are these opportunities to enjoy our amazing weather and listen to beautiful music and lyrics, but there are real health benefits of music and poetry patronage!


Medical studies underscore the healing effects of jazz on listeners. The instrumental music is deeply calming; this calm has a soothing effect on the body that can actually be observed. These health benefits include:
  • reducing blood pressure
  • normalizing heart beats
  • reducing the time and intensity of migraine headaches
  • reducing time and intensity of general headaches
  • improving memory
  • inducing relaxation
  • increasing energy levels
Jazz dancing increases flexibility, stamina, strength and muscle tone. So go enjoy the concerts, and enjoy the health benefits of music by giving give your brain and heart a boost at the same time!


The written word, and the performance of the written word, is very powerful. Both medical journals and anecdotal evidence show healing and health benefits of:

  • relieving depression
  • improving memory
  • reducing painful symptoms
  • decreasing stress
  • increasing energy
  • creating a sense of community
  • reducing senses of isolation and sadness in chronic conditions
So go enjoy the health benefits of poetry – the written word and the beauty of lyrics with other Coloradans this summer! It’s an instant brain and body boost.