Healthy Food Options for the National Title Game



Ditch the Wings - Healthy Food Options for the National Title Game

68 tournament hopefuls. 67 games played. Countless calories consumed.   As March Madness comes to a close on April 8 with the NCAA Men’s National Championship Game, we can mercifully close the book on two (March) maddening facets of the tournament: watching our brackets go down in flames, and mindlessly consuming the chicken wings, pizza, and other unhealthy snacks that always seem to accompany spectator sporting events.  

While winning the office pool will have to wait til next year (Harvard is due!), making healthy choices can luckily start even sooner. Here are some tasty yet healthy treats that will be sure to make your National Championship Game viewing party a success.  

Seasoned Pita Chips

Looking for something snackable? Hold off on the tortilla chips, Cheeto’s, Frito’s and the like. These seasoned pita chips will satisfy your craving for something crunchy, and add some hummus for an especially delicious treat by the handful.  

Fresh Pea Hummus  

Did someone say hummus? Rather than your typical chickpea concoction, this recipe subs in green peas, which are healthier and don’t lack for taste. Simple to make (hello, food processor) and the perfect garnish for pita chips, crackers, and assorted vegetables, this fresh pea hummus is a winner.  

Lemon Mint Chicken Wings  

Chicken wings are a staple of any viewing party, whether it be the Super Bowl, BCS Championship, or (yes) the return of your life to normalcy after a month of endless basketball. But spare yourself the fried fattiness of your local pub’s wings (and the 45-minute or longer wait you can likely expect on big game nights like this) and opt for delicious, homemade, broiled chicken wings.  

Red Pepper, Goat Cheese & Fresh Mint Wraps

  Buffalo Chicken doesn’t make or break the wrap. A taste of this red pepper, goat cheese & fresh mint wrap will make that perfectly clear.  

White Bean Salsa & Chips  

It’d be hard to imagine doing snackables right while leaving out the chips and salsa. Thankfully, we don’t have to, not with this batch that’s low in fat and cholesterol.

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