What is a Nephrologist | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/24/2019

Nephrologists not only treat kidney disease, but also conditions associated with it. That includes diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to chronic kidney disease.

4 Superfoods You Can Shop Locally | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/22/2019

Be Colorado proud, and take care of your body, by enjoying in-season produce. Here are 4 superfoods you can shop locally this spring!

Dig In To Delightful Root Vegetables | Rocky Mountain Health Plans

By 3/21/2019

As their name implies, root vegetables all grow underground. They're also nutrition powerhouses packed with fiber, antioxidants and important nutrients, such as potassium and vitamin C. Another plus: They're low in calories.

Our 4 Favorite Spring Hikes on Colorado's Western Slope | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/20/2019

If you’re ready to explore the best of the Western Slope’s trails, this is the guide for you. Here are 4 of our favorite springtime hikes throughout the region.

Should You Use A Standing Desk? | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/18/2019

If you sit for most of the day, it may be time to invest in a different type of desk. Read on to explore whether a standing desk is right for you.

Is Spring Fever Real? | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/13/2019

The reasoning behind our physical and mental energy and anxiousness as the weather begins to change following winter is often described as spring fever. Does spring fever really exist and what are some ideas for how to get active in Western Colorado to fix the fever.

Know The Dangers of Binge Drinking | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/12/2019

 You don't have to drink every day of the week to have a serious drinking problem. Binge drinking can be a sign of something more serious and has severe consequences on your body.

5 Unforgettable Colorado Staycations for Spring Break | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/11/2019

Try one of these 5 staycation ideas throughout Colorado for a healthy and active spring break adventure.

Best Workouts For Knee and Hip Pain | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/9/2019

Strengthening your knees and hips helps alleviate pain and prevent long-term injury from reoccurring. No matter your age, take steps now to help your knees and hips feel better.

Spring Break Travel Tips For a Healthier Getaway | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 3/8/2019

From slathering on sunscreen to packing enough hand sanitizer, these are 5 key health and safety tips to follow for a fun, memorable, and healthy spring break.

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