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Additional Provider Directories

Additional Provider Directories

Find the Care You Need

We’re here to help you find the care you need. For your convenience, you can download the PDF versions of our provider directories below. You can also access our Online Provider Directory. If you need help finding a provider, contact our local RMHP Customer Service team.



Individual & Family Plans

Employer Plans

RMHP Access Plans

National Provider Access

As part of the UnitedHealthcare family of plans, RMHP offers Commercial Members access to a national network of providers, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals through UnitedHealthcare’s Options PPO national network. 

Find a national network provider

You can also call RMHP Customer Service at 800-346-4643 (TTY: 711) for help finding a provider.

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Chiropractic Providers

Members who have chiropractic benefits can click here to view the eviCore Healthcare directory and search the list of participating chiropractors in Colorado. Members who have a Medicare plan can find participating chiropractors in their provider directory.

Please note that provider information is subject to change. Please call our Customer Service at (800) 346-4643 to verify that your selected provider is in-network.

Need help finding Autism Service Providers?

Find Autism Service Providers here.

Urgent Care/After Hour Providers

Do you or a family member have a condition that's not an emergency but needs treatment right away? You should always contact your primary care physician first, however if your doctor is not available RMHP has contracts with several Urgent Care/After Hour providers throughout the state. These providers have extended evening and/or weekend hours to provide care without a costly trip to the Emergency Room.


RMHP makes every effort to maintain accurate provider directory information; however, with constant provider changes directory information may be out-of-date. For the most current provider information please use RMHP's online provider directory.

Enrolling in RMHP does not guarantee services by a particular provider on this list. If you wish to be sure of receiving care from specific providers listed, you should contact those providers to be sure they are accepting additional patients for RMHP. Also, we may add physicians on a periodic basis and will provide you with a listing of newly added doctors in your local area, if you request it.

Medicare Members

If you need help finding a network provider, please call 888-282-1420 (TTY dial 711) or visit to access our online searchable directory. If you would like a provider directory mailed to you, you may call the number above, or request one at