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Mission & Values of RMHP

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Health Plans takes the initiative to improve the lives of our Members and the health of our communities by offering innovative health plans, providing excellence in service, and staying true to our tradition of putting people before profits.

Our commitment to high quality, physician-directed care, with an emphasis on keeping our Members healthy, is the heart of our success. This founding principle has served our Members well and has guided us to high Member satisfaction and quality performance ratings.

We also adapt quickly to changing market conditions to meet the needs of today’s healthcare consumers. Overall, we have succeeded by putting our Members first and working toward the good health of the communities we serve. It is our pledge to continue this tradition.

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Our Values

We make decisions based on the well-being of our Members.

We are respectful, compassionate, and fair.

We are innovative and action-oriented.

We honor the rights of physicians and patients in medical decision-making.

We are catalysts for continuous quality improvement.

We believe that the quality of our relationships shapes our future.