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Attention: Pharmacy Network Change

Effective January 1, 2016, RMHP will be taking advantage of MedImpact’s High Performance pharmacy network for a more efficient, cost-savings approach to our Members’ prescription cost.  With this change, Walgreens will no longer be in RMHP’s pharmacy network. Our convenient Pharmacy Directory can help you find a new pharmacy from one of our 750 network pharmacies. If you have any questions about the change or need assistance finding a new pharmacy, please contact our Customer Service team at 800-346-4643 (TTY: 711) or email

Retail Pharmacy Network: Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers a broad pharmacy network.  You may receive a copayment discount if you purchase a 90 day supply of medication at a retail pharmacy.  This discount will be the same whether you use a retail pharmacy or WellDyne mail order pharmacy.  Please check you plan documents for details.

If your copay is in the form of a percentage co-insurance, you may pay less at WellDyne for your 90-day prescriptions.  To find a pharmacy in Colorado, use the Pharmacy Locator links above.  To find a pharmacy in our national network, log onto Access|RMHP and select "Doctor and Pharmacy", then select "Pharmacy Tools" to access the national network.  If you have questions about you drug costs, call our Pharmacy Help Desk for assistance at 800-641-8921.

Drug Formularies: RMHP is pleased to cover a wide variety of medications for our Members. The Drug Formulary is a list of the covered medications for your plan with RMHP.  Drug coverage is carefully determined with active participation from an RMHP physician/pharmacist committee and formularies include all of the detailed information below:

• Copayment tiers
• Which medications have quantity limits
• Which medications require prior authorization
• Which drugs are not covered

Learn More About Your Drug Coverage

To find out how/if a specific drug is covered by your health plan or pharmacy plan, or to access the full formulary associated with your plan, Review Drug Formularies.

RMHP covers both Bayer and Lifescan Blood Glucose Monitors and Test Strips.  RMHP Members can get one FREE Bayer or Lifescan Monitor every 365 days.

Formulary Updates

Medicare Part D Members use this link to request a Formulary Exception or Prior Authorization.  Commercial Members use this link to request a Formulary Exception or Prior Authorization. You must obtain Prior Authorization for certain drugs and meet Step Therapy criteria for other drugs.

To learn more about prescription drugs, including side effects and drug interactions, search our Healthwise Knowledgebase.

Looking for prescription drug reimbursement?

If you paid in full for a prescription medication that is eligible for reimbursement, complete and submit the appropriate form for reimbursement:

Affordable Care Act Over-the-counter Prescription Claim Form

2014 Prescription Claim Form (Medicare Part D Members only)
2015/2016 Prescription Claim Form (Medicare Part D Members only)

Prescription Claim Form (Commercial and Medicaid Members only)

Retail and Home Delivery Pharmacies

The RMHP Pharmacy Network has retail and home delivery pharmacies available to all Members. You may order prescriptions up to a 90 day supply from most local retail pharmacies or from one of our home delivery pharmacies.

Retail pharmacies

Are ideal for one-time prescriptions or prescriptions you need right away

  • Offer personal contact with a local pharmacist who can quickly fill your order and answer any medication questions you may have
  • Most retail pharmacies will fill your maintenance prescription for a 90 day supply at your request
  • Use the Pharmacy Directory to find a local retail pharmacy that is convenient for you

Home Delivery Pharmacies

Home Delivery pharmacies offer convenient home delivery of medications that you use on a regular basis.  They also offer the greatest cost savings on most medications, meeting or beating your cost-share at our preferred network retail pharmacies.*

WellDyneRx Mail Service Pharmacy

1)     Print the WellDyneRx Enrollment Form or enroll online at

2)     Log on to request a refill online or check the status of an order, or call WellDyneRX at 888-479-2000 to place an order or check status of one over the phone. 

3)     Review the WellDyneRx FAQ if you have any questions.

*Specialty medications may not be obtained at WelldyneRx.  Call our Pharmacy Help Desk at 800-641-8921 for information on our Specialty Pharmacy services.
The Pharmacy Library

Find some helpful information and articles about prescription drugs in our Pharmacy Library.