Rocky Mountain Health Plans is pleased to offer you the opportunity to access your health plan documents and benefit information online!

Get what you want, when you want it.

We understand the frustration of tracking and filing paper letters and bills.  Now you can opt-in to receive documents electronically through our secure online portal, and we'll keep and organize them for you!

We'll send you notifications when there is a new document to view.  Easy, secure and ready whenever you are.

Go Green! Save paper while saving time.
By opting-in, you will no longer receive paper copies of whatever documents you select. Of course, you can still receive the paper copy if you wish.

Signing up is Safe, Simple, and Secure

It’s easy!

First, make sure that you are what we call the Subscriber. If you are the only person on your plan, you are automatically the Subscriber. If you have dependents on your plan (children or spouse), you must be the individual responsible for the policy.
Then, register by visiting access|RMHP.
If you have already set up your online profile skip to the next step. If not, create an online profile. (You can use your profile to do much more than just see your documents; view claims history, health savings, referrals requirements, request a new ID card, and much more!)

Once you have set up your profile, simply sign in. Look for the box on the homepage with a green leaf on the right that says “Go paperless!”

Click “Sign Up Now!” Then it’s an easy 3-steps!

1.    Confirm the email address where you will receive your notifications.
2.    Click the TWO buttons for Opt-in (Plan Documents and News from RMHP),
3.    Check the box for “Agree & Submit”

You’re done!

Once registered, you will receive an email notification when new documents for you or your family (if applicable) are available. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the documents.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans is committed to respecting your concerns about privacy. We will never sell or distribute email addresses.

I’m ready to go green!

I'm Ready to Go Green!

Opt-in for electronic documents