Rocky Mountain Health Plans is committed to keeping our members and community healthy! We work with community Health Partners to offer discounts for products and services that support a healthy lifestyle. For example, we are now offering deals on: Silver & Fit, Curves, Nutrisystem, and even Toms Shoes. We know that wellness is an important part of a happy and productive lifestyle, and we’re proud to support Coloradans’ goals to get fit and make healthy choices!

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Located in the heart of Grand Junction, leading health professionals are dedicated to helping you experience better health through better living.  We are dedicated to providing you affordable, advanced wellness and injury care strategies that get results.  We offer chiropractic adjustments, massage and wellness solutions.

New Patient Package Regular Fees $309 - Discounted price $119
1 hour massage regular fees = $60, discounted price = $50
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage = $90, discounted price = $80
Regular Adjustment = $45, discounted price = $37
Decompression Therapy regular price = $80, discounted price = $39

755 North Ave. Ste B,
Grand Junction, CO 81501

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