Take Control of Your Depression

Think about how you have felt during the past month.  Then answer these questions:

  • During the past month, have you often felt "down", depressed or hopeless?
  • During the past month, have you often taken little interest or pleasure in doing things you used to like?

If you answered yes to either question, Rocky Mountain Health Plans recommends you make an appointment to see your doctor to talk about depression.

Feeling unhappy on occasion is a normal and natural response to the stresses and tension of day-to-day living.  However, if your unhappiness doesn't go away or if it is affecting areas of your daily life such as your job, your family relations, or your social life, you may have depression.  Depression can result in serious physical problems if not accurately diagnosed and treated

The first step in diagnosing and treating your depression is to make an appointment with your doctor.  Be open and honest when talking with your doctor, give as much information as you can.  Ask questions, and voice concerns.