Understanding Medicare Costs

What does Medicare cost? When considering the many Medicare options available, it’s important that you understand the different out-of-pocket expenses you may encounter during coverage.  Here are definitions of some basic health plan terminology and different Medicare costs:

– The amount you are required to pay for a medical service or a prescription drug.  It is typically a percentage (like 20 %) of the cost of service provided.

Copayment – Your out-of-pocket cost for a medical service or a drug prescription. This is usually a set amount and payable at the time of service.  Copayments are also charged for some hospital outpatient services under Original Medicare.

Deductible – The amount you must pay for your medical services or prescription drugs, before your insurance plan begins to pay.  For example, if your annual medical deductible is $500.00, once you’ve received $500.00 in applicable medical expenses in one calendar year, your insurance plan will begin to pay.  

Monthly Plan Premium- This is the amount you are required to pay each month to be covered by your medical and prescription plan.

Out-of-pocket Maximum- This is the maximum amount that YOU will pay per plan year. This amount typically includes deductible(s) and plan cost-sharing. This amount does not include your monthly plan premiums or amounts you pay for supplemental benefits. The plan continues to provide coverage after you have paid the Out-of-Pocket Maximum.

Cost sharing and out-of-pocket maximums vary from plan to plan. 

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