Medicare Planning Checklist

If you are new to Medicare, here’s what you can expect. Use the appropriate Medicare checklist below to familiarize yourself with the process and get the coverage you need.

New to Medicare and you do not have an Employer Group option?

  1. A few months before your 65th birthday, check with your doctors to see if they accept Original Medicare.  Next, find out if they accept the Rocky Mountain Health Plans Medicare Cost Plans.
  2. If you are receiving your Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will automatically enroll you in Medicare Part A.  Your effective date is typically the first of the month you turn 65.
  3. If you do not yet receive Social Security, you need to enroll in Medicare Part B three months before, the month of, or up to 3 months after your 65th birthday.  This is NOT automatic if you are not receiving Social Security benefits.  To elect Part B coverage, you must contact the SSA at 800-777-1213 or (By clicking on this link, you will be leaving the RMHP website.) There is a premium associated with Part B coverage.
  4. Make a list of your prescriptions and check and check that they would be covered by the plans you are considering. Each Part D plan has a unique list of covered drugs known as a Formulary. offers a Part D plan finder for your use in researching plan options, choose the option for Prescription plans only on the results page.
  5. Consider enrolling in al Medicare Cost Plan. These plans are offered through private insurance companies like RMHP.  
  6. Make sure to check with SSA to see if you qualify for Extra Help paying for prescriptions 800-777-1213 or By clicking on this link, you will be leaving the RMHP website.


New to Medicare and you have an Employer Group option?

  1. Compare your group benefits to our Medicare Cost plans to help you decide which plan will provide the best coverage and value for your unique needs. Find out if your group plan offers “Creditable Part D” coverage to avoid penalties later on. If you are not sure, check with your HR department.
  2. For Medicare Part B: If you or your spouse are still working AND have group health coverage from an employer, you have eight months from the time your current coverage ends or your employment ends (whichever happens first) to enroll in Part B.
  3. For Medicare Part D: If you deferred Part D coverage during the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) because you had Creditable prescription drug coverage, you have two months after the time your current coverage ends to enroll in a Part D plan without penalty.

Have a Medicare Plan already, but looking to switch to an RMHP Medicare Cost
Plan outside the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) due to a Special Election Period (SEP)?


Medicare supplements (medigap) can be cancelled with written notice to the carrier.  Our plan can begin the month after your coverage is ended.  If you don’t like our plan, within the first 12 months you can cancel our coverage and go back to your previous medigap plan.

Our medical only plans are open for new enrollment all year long.  Plans with Part D are subject to Part D enrollment guidelines.

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This page was last updated: 10/01/2016.  Please call to confirm you have the most up to date information about our Medicare Cost plans. Medicare Disclaimers

RMHP is a Medicare-approved Cost plan. Enrollment in RMHP depends on contract renewal. H0602_MS_MC500WEB_RMHP1 Pending CMS Review.