How to Use Your Medicaid Plan

Medicaid Service Area

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) has served Colorado Medicaid clients since 1974. If you are an RMHP Medicaid member:

  • RMHP will help you get all your Medicaid benefits
  • You will be able to use all RMHP providers
  • You can call RMHP Customer Service if you have questions or need help

      You must live in of these counties to join RMHP Medicaid:

      • Delta
      • Mesa
      • Moffat
      • Montrose
      • Ouray
      • Rio Blanco
      • San Miguel

    Using RMHP Services

    To receive health care services, you must show your Medicaid ID card each time you go to the doctor. The Medicaid ID card is also your RMHP Member ID Card. If you need a new ID card, please contact your county Department of Human Services.

    Choosing a PCP

    Your health care is managed by a primary care physician (PCP). Each covered member of your family can pick a different PCP. You can see a list of doctors in the Provider Directory. Be sure the doctor you pick serves Medicaid clients and is accepting new patients. If you have questions about which doctors you can see, call RMHP Customer Service. 

    RMHP Customer Service:
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Monday - Friday

    Changing Your PCP

    Changing your primary care doctor is easy. Call RMHP Customer Service and tell us who your new PCP will be or use the online Change PCP form. You must tell us about the change before you see your new doctor. Have your medical records sent to your new doctor.

    Participating Providers

    A participating provider is a health care provider who has a contract with RMHP to serve our members. To be covered, you must get your care from a participating provider, unless:

    • You have a medical emergency; then call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
    • The health care you need is covered by Medicaid but cannot be provided by an RMHP participating provider; then your PCP will work with RMHP to get you in to see the doctor you need, even if that doctor is not an RMHP participating provider.

    Covered Services and Benefits

    Learn about RMHP Medicaid covered services and benefits. 

    Understand your Member rights and responsibilities.

    Mental Health Services

    RMHP does not provide Medicaid mental health services. The Mental Health Assessment and Services Agency (MHASA) provides mental health services for all Colorado Medicaid clients. The MHASA in Western Colorado is Colorado Health Network. Call Colorado Health Network at 800-804-5008 to find out how and where to get mental health services in your area.

    Lean about covered mental health services in the Medicaid Member Handbook


    If you are not happy about something RMHP has done, you may appeal, or ask us to look at something again. You also have the right to appeal if you are not happy about something an RMHP participating provider has done.

    Learn about the appeals process

    Access the form to file a complaint

    Future Health Care Decisions

    You may want to make some decisions ahead of time about future health care. These decisions are called advance directives. They tell your doctor and other health care providers what you want to have done in case you are not able to talk to them.

    Learn more about advance directives

    Medicaid Copayments

    Some Medicaid members may have to pay copayments when they get health care services. These copayments are low. You will not have to pay any copayments if you are:

    • 18 years old or younger
    • Pregnant
    • In a nursing home

     Learn more about Medicaid copayments


    Para información de Medicaid y CHP+ llame al 970-244-7860 o 888-282-8801