Fitt Employer Wellness Program (Small Group)

It takes a lot to run a small business! Our customized, unique wellness program is tailored for the small employer’s needs and offers health plan premium reductions.  (Available in Denver and Colorado Springs)

Fitt Wellness is designed to help support the health of employees, increase productivity, and even target health issues that could impact your bottom line.

The Fitt Wellness Program includes:

•    Cash and Premium Incentives: Based on participation and overall health, employers can   receive up to 10% off their premium costs. Plus, employees can receive gift cards based ofnf  their participation.  

•    Free Biometric Screenings: Eligible employees may complete a blood test that evaluates   cholesterol, blood glucose levels, triglycerides, nicotine, a basic blood chemistry profile, blood pressure, and BMI.

•    Individualized Personal Reports: Each employee who completes a biometric screening will receive a confidential report summarizing  their overall health.

•    Employer Aggregate Reports: Employers with 30 or more participants will receive generalized reports they may use to create more targeted wellness programs for their employees.

Fitt Wellness Program