Large Groups (101+ eligible employees)

To provide the most competitive rate for Colorado group health insurance for your Large Group client, we will need to know as much as possible about the group. The following details are critical:

  • Current plan design
  • Past five years of rate history
  • Past two years of health insurance carrier history
  • Current contribution strategy
  • Past two years of monthly enrollment and claim experience
  • Past two years of large claims
  • Employee census

You will work closely with the RMHP Sales and Underwriting staff in order to create and deliver an appropriately-rated product that fits the cost and coverage parameters your clients need. Providing pertinent details about your client at the time of application will promote a long and healthy relationship among all parties.

Application Forms for Colorado Group Health Insurance - Large Groups

Large Group Product Brochure

Large Group Proposal Request Form

Application for Health Benefits - Large Groups

Group Risk Questionnaire

New Group Checklist

Attestation Controlled or Affiliated Service Group

Enrollment Form - Group Coverage  English | Español

Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

Certification of Common Law Spouse

Certification of Designated Beneficiary

Individual Health Questionnaire  English | Español

Transition of Care

Employee-Dependent Waiver

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact your RMHP Account Executive.