Rocky Mountain Health and Wellness (Large Group Wellness Program)

Rocky Mountain Health Plans knows that health is key to maintaining a productive workplace.

Our Rocky Mountain Health and Wellness Program for large employer groups is a tailored health program that includes personalized consultation to build or support a culture of wellness in your organization.

Free services include:

  • CafeWell: These individual online profiles provide your employees with assessments, tools and education to keep them healthy.
  • Health Risk Assessment: This generalized report helps employers understand the health conditions and attitudes that are affecting your workforce.
  • Reporting and data analysis: Personalized, confidential reports are customized to your employees. In addition, generalized reports give employers data to help assess effective wellness initiatives.

Additional services that can be added to any large group wellness plan:

  • Biometric screening events: This short health examination gives your employees an understanding of their current health status.
  • Incentive Management and Consultation: Making behavior changes is not easy for anyone. As an employer, you can help motivate your employees’ healthy choices by providing incentives for participation in wellness programs. Our incentive management is simple, effective and helps you create a program that is designed to minimize costs but maximize engagement. We will help you structure the program to fit your budget and your population.