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April is Stress Awareness Month!

We all know that stress is a normal part of everyday life and in small amounts can help you perform better under pressure. But having too much stress in your life can place you at risk for developing other health issues. There are a variety of feelings that can accompany stress and understanding how you’re feeling can help you determine how you should exercise to relieve stress. Finding productive ways to deal with your stress improves your overall health.

The next time you’re feeling stressed, take a moment to recognize your feelings and choose the right type of outlet.

Feelings of: Do this: Why:
Aggression Kickboxing or punching bag High-intensity exercise releases endorphins, which are “feel-good” hormones.
Stir-crazy Go for a walk Fresh air helps reduce brain fatigue and creates a distraction for you.
Lack of control Yoga Deep breathing brings clarity and relaxes the mind. Bringing oxygen to the brain will help you focus more on what’s important and help prioritize your situation.
Hopelessness Spin class When you’ve exerted a lot of effort, you realize you can do just about anything.
No motivation Zumba class Exercise can be fun and so can life! Zumba gets the blood flow going and releases endorphins that elevate your mood.
Exhaustion Yoga Gentle or restorative yoga will recharge your battery. People who consistently practice yoga report better sleep and feel less stressed.


In addition to using exercise to relieve stress, explore creative outlets like Jazz and Poetry!

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