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We all want to be healthy, but not everyone wants to stay active in the same way. Different factors might affect your choice of activity. Many parents are looking for activities to do with their kids (or while their kids are close-by), busy people are looking for quick exercises to do at home or work, seniors are looking for ways to stay fit and active. There are exercises that almost everyone can do, no matter what age or situation!

These are 8 great exercises for anyone, able to be tailored for an individual workout:

Walk around the park. This is one of my favorites. Go with the dog, a friend, the kids or take some music and go solo. Walk faster and longer for more of a workout. Add lunges to increase intensity.

Garden. You can burn 250 calories/hour by gardening! Plus, you get to eat all the healthy food. Break out the gloves and enjoy the imminent Spring.

Yoga. There are many types of yoga (see here), so you can find one suited for you. All promote a connection between spiritual and physical health. However, some are physically rigorous while others focus on flexibility and breath work, and still others are kid-friendly or designed for prenatal and postnatal women. With so many types, you can find one suited for you. I have included a link to daily cup of yoga that explains the different types of yoga, so you can find one for you. Yoga is for everyone!

Dance class. You burn approximately 300 calories in a one hour ballroom dance class. Take your partner and go dancing! Take a weekly class or go for a night. You could also take a zumba, ballet or other type of dance class. They all have similar benefits. Even dancing in your living room (see our at-home Zumba routine here) can raise your heart rate and give you a great workout.

Squats. These are one of the most effective exercises for your legs, and require little space and no equipment. You can do squats at your desk or while you are watching TV. See video instruction here. If you can’t squat very far, then don’t. Go as far as you can. If you can, then make sure you go to 90 degrees. Try to get 100 squats in a row as a goal. But start with sets of 10 and do as many as you can while challenging yourself.

Crunches/Plank. You can do these in your living room. Crunches (video) and plank (video) are great for your abs and are easy to do. When crunching, do as many as you can, start with sets of 10, with 50 or 100 crunches being the goal. When planking, you can do this on your elbows or hands depending on how hard you want the exercise. Try to hold this position for 15-30 seconds, then build up to one minute, then two minutes.

Jog in Place. You can do this all around the house or just in the living room. It’s good to just get up your heart rate. Try jogging in place for 30 seconds, then a minute. For a challenge with jogging, each time bring your knees up to the level of your stomach (90 degrees). You can add in jumping jacks or jumping rope if you would like even a further challenge.

Take the stairs. If you can, any time you take an elevator, try taking the stairs instead. Just a few flights a day can start to make a difference.

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