Wendy’s BOSU Ball Workout

My favorite piece of equipment in the gym is the BOSU. If you have never used it before, it’s a half ball with one side that is a flat surface. This wonderfully simple piece of equipment can be used for a full body workout, yet most people don’t know what to do with it. As always, please modify depending on your fitness or comfort level. Do fewer sets, try only a few exercises or take breaks. Remember, don’t overdo it. Please comment to let me know what you enjoy so that I can use that feedback for future posts.

Included below are a set of BOSU ball workout videos that demonstrate the versatility of the BOSU.

1.       Side-to-side squats

To make these more challenging, jump these from side-to-side, less challenging, just step them.

Do 3 reps of 10 on each side (20 total per rep).

2.       Push-ups and dips.

Do 10 push-ups, then without a break, do 15 dips. Take a 20 second rest and start again. Do 3 sets.

3.       Burpees and Mountain Climbers

Do 10 burpees, then without a break, do 25 mountain climbers per side (50 total). Take a 20 second rest and start again. Do 3 sets.

4.       Bosu Hamstring Curl and single leg bridge

Do 15 hamstring curls, then without a break, do 10 leg bridges per side (20 total). No break, but stretch if you have a cramp before the next set. Do 3 sets.

5.       Fly and press (This video shows a fly. Also add in a chest press after the fly.)

Use 5-10 lbs. dumbbells for this exercise. Keep your bottom raised on the BOSU so you get a workout in your bottom and your arms. Do 15 flies, then 15 chest presses. No break is needed between sets due to the light weight used. Do 3 sets.   

6.       Bicycle Crunches and Side plank with a leg lift

Do 20 bicycle crunches per side (40 total), then without a break, do 10 side planks per side (20 total). Take a 20 second rest and start again. Do 3 sets.

4 Responses to Wendy’s BOSU Ball Workout

  1. Wow!Thank you for giving us such great ideas to keep our workout programs exciting. I have never done a workout with the BOSU. Thanks,Wendy!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! We’re glad to help support the great work you’re doing, too. Do you have any requests for workouts that you’d like to see here? -EHealth Team

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