The Thirty Minute Workout

I workout several days of the week, no matter what else is going on in my life. Exercise provides me stress relief, energy and health benefits. Many friends ask me, “How do you keep up with that?” or “How do you get the motivation?” It’s easy. All you need is 30 minutes when you wake up, during your lunch break or after work. You feel so great afterwards that you want to keep it up. If you can dedicate 30 minutes, here are a couple of workouts to get you going! There is very little or no equipment needed in order to make this goal easy.  The following workouts are geared towards intermediate  or advanced exercisers.  Please modify the workouts if you have any previous injuries.

The full body:

Complete cycle 2-4 times with a two minute rest between each cycle (until you are at 30 minutes).

.25 mile jog

30 burpees with push-up (view a minute long video on how to do a burpee)

30 pull-ups (these can be assisted with a strap, bar or machine)

.5 mile jog

30 dead lifts with desired weight (view a few second video on form for dead lifts)

30 squats

40 bicycle crunches (view a minute video on how to do a bicycle crunch)


The 100s:

Complete cycle just one time. Get through as many reps as you can for each exercise in the 30 minute time span with 100 reps as the eventual goal.

.5  mile jog

100 push-ups (these can be assisted with a ball, bench or on your knees)

100 pull-ups (these can be assisted with a strap, bar or machine)

100 lunges (these can be done to the front, back, side or walking)

100 squats

100 sit-ups/crunches

.5 mile jog

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  1. Hey, Wendy! So, I read your blog and chose “the full body” for my health quest class today. Because our class is only 30 minutes; I had them do one cycle for time. There were 14 of them….it was so awesome! Thank you! Wanted to share their times with you:
    Mitzi – 13:31
    Shelley – 13:38
    Kristine – 13:44
    Kevin – 14:20
    Brigitte – 14:22
    Char -15:00
    Kelly – 15:10
    Lisa – 15:11
    Jason – 15:20
    Terri – 16:09
    Jennifer – 16:11
    Debbie – 17:02
    Pam – 20:01
    Nancy – 20:41

    Do you think there is another employer group out there who could beat our times? :)

    See you soon! Stephanie

  2. That is great! They did awesome. Let’s see if anyone can beat it! Post your times! I hope everyone had fun doing the workout. Stay tuned for more in coming posts.

  3. “The Full Body” workout was GREAT! Can’t wait to give “The 100s” a shot later in the week.

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