May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Have you ever had a stressful day that left you at the end of your rope? Haven’t we all? Our Mental Health is what enables us to cope with the inevitable stresses and challenges of life. And it’s something every person benefits from nurturing!


When it comes to our physical health, excuses to avoid the gym or indulge in that last cupcake are common. For mental health, excuses to avoid focusing on it run rampant, including a belief that it’s unnecessary, frivolous, or only for those with mental illnesses.


While raising awareness and decreasing stigma of mental illnesses is essential, recognizing that we all have responsibility to recognize and maintain our mental health is also important.


Our mental health influences how we manage life. This has become more vital with long work hours, shortened vacations, and blurred lines between home and work life. Nurturing mental strength improves our quality of life, and never has it been more important.


Just like physical health, mental health needs to be cultivated and maintained.


So what can you do?


Recognize your mental health as a key part of your overall wellness!


Take care of yourself: Keeping your body healthy also helps keep your mind strong. Be sure to exercise regularly and eat carefully.


Just like you take time for your physical health and nutrition, consciously relax as often as possible. Meditation can be a great option.


Monitor your mood. Just like an annual physical helps us recognize potential problems early, screenings can help identify warning signs of deteriorating mental health before they become difficult to treat.


Remember – your brain is the epicenter of your entire being. It’s time we remember to pamper it, to keep it healthy for all it does for us.


What’s your favorite way to relax? To make sure you’re guarding your mental health? Tell us below!

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