RMHP Sponsors New Colorado Masters Cycling Team

Rocky Mountain Health Plans is proud to sponsor Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans, a new Colorado masters cycling team.

Colorado Health Cycle TeamThe sponsorship is a natural extension of one of Rocky Mountain’s advertisements that pictures an expensive bike on top of an old, beat-up car. The advertisement communicates that RMHP understands the regular practice in Colorado to put a $2,000 bike on top of a $200 car. This sponsorship underscores our place as a Colorado health insurance company that understands Coloradans and their health care needs.

Members of Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans have been a part of two Best All Around teams and have amassed a total of 14 victories as well as 44 podium and 107 top 10 finishes.

To learn more about Team RMHP and its 2012 racing schedule, visit http://www.teamrmhp.com.

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