Quick and Easy Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance bands are a great way to get a workout anywhere at anytime! They’re so customizable, you’ll get a workout made just for you.


What is a resistance band?

Resistance bands are a way to do strength training without weights. The band is a tube of latex that stretches and provides resistance. Since the tubes are light and compact, these are great for at-home or travel workouts!

The bands look like this:

Resistance Band


These bands come in different strengths from 5-300 pounds of resistance. Depending on the manufacturer of your tube, different colors equal different resistance strengths. Check the resistance of your tube before beginning your workout to ensure you are using the proper strength.


30 Minute Resistance Band Workout

Below are seven exercises to get a full body workout with a  resistance band.

For a workout of about 30 minutes, do each exercise for one minute and then take a 2 minute break after all seven exercises are complete. Do three sets.


Triceps kickbacks: While standing, loop the band under your feet, run the band behind you and grasp the handles behind you. Slightly bend your knees and hinge forward at the waist. Then squeeze your triceps to pull the band in an upward motion.

Woman Exercising With Resistance Rope

Fly and Reverse Fly: This can be done in a chair or standing. Loop the band under your feet. Then use your arms and chest to pull the band up and outward from your body.

Senior Woman In Gym

Shoulder press: While standing, loop the band under your feet, run the band slightly behind you and grasp the handles with palms facing up. Using your shoulders, lift your arms up above your head, then back down to shoulder height.

Young fit man with exercise stretch band

Rows: While standing, loop the band under your feet. Hold the band with your palms toward you. Stand up straight. Using your back muscles and arms, squeeze the handles upward.

Woman Working Out

Lunges with bicep curls: Lunge down and, as you lunge, bring your arms down. When you come up, straighten your legs and curl your arms up.


Leg extensions: Kneel on the ground with the resistance band behind you. Hook your band around your foot and hold the two ends with your hands to create resistance. Using your butt muscles, push your leg up and then back to the kneeling position slowly.

Young blond girl doing kneeling butt blaster exercise using rubb

Abs: Put your band around your feet and hold the two ends with your hands. Then either twist from side to side, or do a crunch while holding the bands for a higher intensity.



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