How to Keep Those New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year – resolution time!

We think it’s important for each of us to focus on making this year a healthy, productive and happy one. This looks different for everyone. Whether your focus is on your health, your fitness, your work-life balance, or your own secret ambitions, we want to help you along the way.

Change is hard. So to help keep you motivated and encouraged on your path to resolutions, we’re happy to share a few tips. Share your own in the comments!

  1. Changing your lifestyle. Choosing to exercise more or eat more healthily is most successful when viewed as a lifestyle change. Rather than something to do just for 2014, focus on nurturing your body with what you put into it, and how you move it.
  2. Change takes time. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see perfect results by February 1. That’s ok. Each step is a step forward, don’t be discouraged that it takes some time to master a new skill or lose those inches.
  3. Don’t expect perfection. You had to have the piece of birthday cake, or you just couldn’t focus when the Broncos were on (who can?) or you let yourself play Candy Crush instead of hopping on that elliptical? That’s ok! Just don’t let it derail your entire year. Hop back on that elliptical tomorrow, remind yourself to focus, and let yourself ignore those donuts at work. Getting derailed is part of the process, enjoy the indulgence and then focus on getting back on track.
  4. Include something that makes you happy. If fitness is really difficult for you (it is for me.), find something to do that makes you happy as well. For example, swimming is my favorite form of exercise, so I resolved to swim more, but I also resolved to take the time to read more. Now my reward for every time I jump in the pool is that I get some quiet time in my chair by the window with a book.
  5. Keep a list. Lists help us remember, and who doesn’t love crossing something off of a list? A list of tasks to support your resolution is a great tool. Try weekly or daily lists for the best, most specific motivation. Be sure to include fun things, too!
  6. Realize this is your CHOICE. Make your choice every week, every day or every hour. Sometimes you won’t make the ‘resolution choice.’ No problem! As long as you choose the resolution 90% of the time, you can also choose to indulge.

2014 is a time of huge change, and we are proud to support your healthy, productive and supportive changes! You can do it, this is your year!

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