How to Stay in Shape during Holiday Travel

It’s time for the holidays, which means family, food and fun. And, often, a lot of traveling. But being away from your gym or stuck in an airport does not have to translate to losing your focus on fitness and health.

In order to help keep you on track and make working out away from home easier, I have eight exercises that you can do from almost anywhere.

I have included links to videos below in case you are not familiar with the exercises or want some assistance with proper form. As always, take these at your own pace.

Toe Taps

This is a cardio burst to warm up your body. Jump and tap!

Push Ups

The classic push up is a good way to work the chest, abs and arms.


The plank will target your entire abdominal area! Do this on your hands or forearms.

High knees

This is another cardio burst that also works your legs and abs.


Get your bottom and legs with the classic squat.

Dead Lift

You can use no weight and make your own resistance, or find some weights or even heavy cans or jars to use. This will work your hamstrings.

Mountain Climber

This cardio burst will also give your abs and arms a good workout!

Back Extension

Sometimes we forget to strengthen our core in the back. This will do it!

Keep your body moving and enjoy the holidays!


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