August’s Abundance of Fresh Local Produce

August is definitely a time of abundance of fresh local produce from our gardens, supermarkets and farmers markets! The harvests have started in earnest and it is an exciting time to be eating.


Eating fresh local produce has a multitude of benefits! First, it’s often less expensive since there is an abundance of the food. Second, it tastes best! Anyone who has compared a peach straight off the tree to a peach in the supermarket in February (when it seems to be imitating a rock) knows precisely how fabulous in-season produce can taste. Lastly, it’s better for you! Less expensive, more delicious, and better for you? Just eat August’s abundance!


We’ll include some recipe ideas for the less common foods found here. There are lots of vegetables and fruits that are waiting to be tried. Be sure to share your favorite August snack or recipe in the comments.

In season in June:










Green beans





Be adventurous!  Try something new that you haven’t before. New to okra (and worried about its reputed texture?), these recipes include fried, spicy and grilled options are sure to please. Worried how to work your way through an entire watermelon? Try a watermelon slushy that’s sure to beat the heat! Confused about what to do with chard? Try chard quesadeillas to introduce the delicious but new veggie.


And, of course, classics like grilled zucchini with goat cheese, roasted corn on the cob, and peach cobbler are always great choices. What’s your favorite way to enjoy the season’s prolific produce?

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