RMHP Launches a Health Care Reform Website

Major changes in healthcare are taking place within the next few months, and we’re here to help!


Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) has created a Health Care Reform site to help Individuals and Families, Employers, and Brokers understand how the new law affects them.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to as Health Care Reform, is a law that should provide health insurance coverage to more Americans, improve the quality of care, and lower the overall costs of healthcare. This fall, major regulations go into effect. Getting prepared can help you, your business, or your clients make the best decision amid new health insurance choices.



Individuals and Families


On the RMHP Health Care Reform site, individuals and families can learn more about the impacts of the ACA. This includes:

–          requirements for healthcare coverage

–          the tax penalty

–          applying for the new health plans.


Individuals and families can also learn more about the government tax credits (aka Premium Assistance). Plus, RMHP’s online tool can immediately determine if you may be eligible for assistance.




Employers can use the Health Care Reform site to learn more about how the new law will affect their business and employees.


Regulations for both small group employers and large group employers are changing and Rocky Mountain Health Plans has up-to-date information for both.


For example, employers can learn how to count full-time employees and full-time equivalents under the new law, to determine their business size and potential financial impact. Small employers can also learn more about the opportunity to receive a government tax credit to help reduce their costs.




RMHP realizes that Brokers are an invaluable resource for their clients. The Health Care Reform site provides Brokers with information on how to help their clients make good decisions during these changes. Brokers will also have access to all the tools and resources that are available for individuals, families and employers.


RMHP is dedicated to helping you understand Health Care Reform. Please visit healthreform.rmhp.org for your ACA information.

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