Colorado Bike to Work Month

June is Bike Month in Colorado! The state has done a nice job of providing plenty of paths and bike lanes for people to utilize other sources of transportation to get from A to B. This month celebrate alternative transportation and your health by changing the way you get to your job, school, or other errands and events. If you are not into biking, try walking, rollerblading, carpooling or public transportation. Just get out and enjoy the beautiful state we live in!


There will be many events throughout the month to promote Bike Month but the highlight of the month is on June 25, Bike to Work Day! Ditch the car that day and enjoy the different events that are setup throughout Colorado.


RMHP will be sponsoring breakfast around the Grand Junction Area. Come out and visit!


Please remember to keep you and your family safe, especially if riding in traffic! There are many benefits to riding a bike but make sure you consult a physician before increasing your physical activity beyond what you are used to.


What alternative transportation do you use? Tell us what made you decide to make this change!


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