You have Health Insurance! Now what?

Congratulations on your 2014 health insurance!


With all the changes in Health Care Reform, you might be a little confused about what your plan actually involves. Are you wondering about your coverage purchased through the Marketplace: is it similar or different from other plans? Or perhaps you saved money by selecting a ‘limited network,’ but aren’t quite sure what that means?


We know. Health insurance can be overwhelming, and the changes are a lot to keep track of.


Here are a few tips to help explain and clarify your 2014 coverage so you can get the answers you need to your health insurance questions.


I bought an RMHP plan on Connect for Health Colorado (C4HCO) – is it different from a regular RMHP plan?


Good for you! We were proud to offer the largest number of plans on the Marketplace in Colorado, and we’re delighted that you found a plan that works for you.


The easy answer is: “No, it’s not different.”


From asking questions about your health insurance coverage, to paying your premiums and claims, to the friendly and local voice ready to help with anything you need, RMHP is here for you.


You are an RMHP Member, just like any other. That means you get access to one of the best provider networks in the state, award-winning local Customer Service (they’re right in Grand Junction), and the pride of supporting a local company dedicated to supporting our community.


The only time you would need to contact C4HCO instead of RMHP is if you have a qualifying event (like a birth or marriage) and need to change your personal information or change your plan to include or exclude someone.


Welcome aboard!


I chose a “limited network” since the premium price was lower. What does that mean?


A limited network means that your plan might not include every doctor on our extensive Colorado network. We are proud of all of our providers, but you might face out-of-network charges if you go to a doctor who is not in the limited network.


Be careful to ensure that you go to doctors in the limited network you selected.

Smiling medical nurse

Make sure you look for the name of your network on your ID card and go check out our Provider Directory to see which doctors are in your network. Still unsure? Give us a call! We’d be glad to clarify.



We’re grateful you trusted Rocky Mountain Health Plans to be your health insurance carrier. Please let us know if you have any other health insurance questions!

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