Workplace Wellness – Helping Employees Be Well

January is Health and Fitness Month, and RMHP knows that have a workplace that supports Wellness goals can make all the difference.


The Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) named RMHP a Platinum Well Workplace, the highest designation possible. We are one of 10 nationwide companies to earn that title. During Health and Fitness Month, RMHP would like to share ideas for both employees and employers to focus on workplace wellness, supporting and encouraging employees on their journey.


What is the benefit?


Research shows that healthy workers are more likely to perform well. Healthy employees are able to concentrate better, improve productivity and are more satisfied with their performance.


Healthy workers are also on-the-job more, with significantly reduced sick time, lost time and absenteeism.


Not only are there advantages to encouraging a healthy workforce, but a workplace that supports the wellness of its employees also creates greater feelings of loyalty and investment from its employees. Quite simply, when employees feels supported in their workplace, it increases their job satisfaction and reduces turnover.
Workplace wellness is a great idea for everyone.


How do you DO it?


It can be daunting to start a brand new initiative, but it doesn’t have to be! Just take it step by step.


For employers, WELCOA created seven benchmarks for helping workplaces get started on their quest to wellness. From Executive support to capturing data to creating a supportive environment, they can help any workplace take steps to improve their wellness initiatives.


RMHP might be able to help! Contact us at any time ( for more information.


If you are an employee wanting ideas for continuing your health and fitness goals at work, there are many options no matter what your workplace!


There’s a movement called “Deskercise” specifically designed for cubicle-bound workers that offers ideas for burning calories and improving circulation at your desk. Or for the shyer among us, there are exercises that you can do secretly at your desk.


Bring your lunch to work – it can save both money and hundreds of calories.


Park further away from the door, every step counts (and reduces likelihood of your door getting dinged)!


Stay well!

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