Fun Fall Fitness

It’s getting cool and the sweaters are replacing the tank tops, but that’s no reason to worry that you summer activity level will disappear. There’s so much that is fun, festive and active to do in the fall!


These are a few of our favorite activities, what are yours?


Explore the colors and jump in the leaves

This season is a treat; it’s not too cold and not too hot: perfect for being outside! Whether you walk around your neighborhood or a park, getting out to appreciate the gorgeous colors is one of the best parts of fall! Build a pile of leaves in your yard and have your kids jump in it, too (raking is great exercise, and kid laughter will make it hardly seem like work).


Day Trips

Pumpkin patches, orchards and farms are fantastic day-getaways for weekends. From wandering through fields to picking apples to climbing hay bales and running through corn mazes, the festivities of the season seem designed to support your fitness goals.


Learn something new

A lot of classes start up in the Fall, so it’s a great time to learn something new. Try that dance class you’ve always meant to. Or maybe the cooking class to help your family eat in more. Whatever your interest, there’s likely a class ready for you.


Active TV Watching

We know: all the new seasons are starting up! You’d be loath to miss the latest installment. We aren’t saying not to, but be more active and create challenges for yourself. For example, do situps during commercial breaks, or jog in place and do lunges during the show. TV has natural timing breaks, so use it to your advantage and don’t let your favorite show derail you.



It’s not just for active TV watching; channel your favorite QB or running back and get out for a pick-up game. It’s perfect weather for it, and you can be as creative as you want with team names, challenges and wagers. Don’t forget your sportsmanship!


Dance Floor!

Fall parties are everywhere! Go and get your Monster Mash or Turkey Dance on! Dancing is a great way to get some exercise, and you can dance with your friends, family, or all by yourself. Groove on!


Trick or Treating

It seems counter-intuitive, but Trick or Treating is great exercise – you’re walking all evening. So get out there with your kids, revel in this very unusual night, and try to avoid eating all the fun-sized Snickers (bring them to work the next day if the temptation is too great).


Fall is an exciting time, and doesn’t have to derail your fitness focus. Besides, staying focused through the Fall will help you navigate the holidays ahead.


What’s your favorite fall activity?


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