Healthy Choices by the Numbers

We’re told there is power in numbers, but what can numbers really tell us?


They can help keep us all motivated. Huge changes seem intimidating, but knowing your numbers helps prioritize healthy choices that are most important to make, and those that are the most impactful.


Let’s start small, building to larger numbers. Keep these little snippets in mind to make small, meaningful healthy changes to your daily life. Focus on just one of the numbers, or on a couple, and keep yourself motivate by watching them add up.


1: Things to do today to make a difference tomorrow. Make one healthy choice a day. Drink an extra glass of water. Go for a walk. Choose the salad instead of the fries. Just do one thing, and then do one more thing tomorrow. Start small!


8: cups of water daily. Your body is mostly water, and your brain is 80% water – so keep yourself well hydrated! If constantly sipping isn’t your thing, you can increase your hydration by snacking on juicy fruits, eating grains that soak up water (think oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice), and adding soup into your diet.


11: hours women add to their life for every hour of intense workouts. Even moderate workouts boost your life span: adding 5.6 hours for every hour you work out. Time to get moving!


13.2/14.5: years of life lost due to smoking (for adult men/women respectively). Plus smokers develop 10 times as many wrinkles as non-smokers. Put down the cigarette today, we’re here to help.


15: the average number of times a day person laughs. Laughing is great for your health, so break out the giggles.


30: minutes of exercise, 5 times a week for ideal health and weight control. Your body needs and craves movement! Not eager to join a gym? Take the dog (and kids!) for a walk, spend some time in the garden, or even cleaning the house. If you can’t find 30 minutes all together, find three 10-minute periods to take a walk, do some jumping jacks, or go through some yoga poses.


70: Percent of people who will quit an exercise routine. If you miss a day, don’t feel guilty, feel inspired to start again the next day.


120: calorie difference between a blueberry muffin (280) and a blueberry parfait (160). Make little changes in food choices for a huge impact. We love this food comparison tool.


200: percent increase in the likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke if you have gum diseases. Get out that floss!


550: Additional calories eaten by night owls, as compared to their early-to-bed counterparts. Hit the sack early and you not only enjoy the benefits of sleep, but will consume far fewer calories!


2000: gallons of blood are pumped through your body every day. Wow!

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