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It’s been hot!

And with temperatures steadily rising, “quick, cool and easy” seems to be everyone’s go-to dinnertime game plan. Fresh produce is a natural fit! One of the great things about summertime in Colorado is the abundance of organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables in grocery stores, farmers’ markets and gardens everywhere.

Eating in-season fruits and vegetables yields maximum taste and texture and is often easier on your wallet. This month, try some of the following to see what I mean. Try a tasty salad, savory main dish or cool dessert featuring the best of what June has to offer.

In season in June:

New Potatoes

Tip: Be spontaneous!  It’s OK if you don’t have a specific recipe in mind to use up your bounty. Websites like, RecipeMatcher, and SuperCook feature search capabilities based upon ingredients you have on hand. Just enter your fruits and vegetables and, voila! you get a list of recipes that feature your items.

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