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You have just changed jobs, or moved cities. Perhaps you have a recently diagnosed condition or have found out you’re expecting a new family member.

In other words, you are looking for a doctor. In insurance terminology, you are looking for a provider. Where do you start?

Often, you start by asking around and using the word-of-mouth network for who is a good doctor. There are a number of other considerations you need to take into account, and this is where we can help. To begin searching for your provider, be sure to consider the following:

1. Make sure the doctor is in your insurance network. This will save you money and ensure you get the care you need. If you are an RMHP member, we can help you find providers that are in our network and close to you.

2. Check if the doctor is accepting new patients. Providers are very busy and sometimes cannot take on additional patients. Call the office and make sure they are accepting new patients. (Please note: All RMHP-contracted providers are required to take all plans but some may be closed to any new patients regardless of the plan they have. If you feel you are being treated incorrectly for having Medicaid or Medicare, contact us immediately.)

3. Research the provider online. Read reviews with a grain of salt, but they often give a good feeling of how provider treats his or her patients. There are physicians recognized for giving exceptional care, as well. Try here, for example:

4. Once you find a provider that is accepting new patients, set up an appointment to make sure you feel comfortable with them. In this appointment, be sure to discuss the best method for getting in touch if you have questions or concerns.

5. Bring a list of questions for your providers. We’ll be providing a list of suggested questions for a variety of doctors in the near future. Stay tuned!

The relationship between doctor and patient is an important one. Commit to maintain your health and well-being throughout your life by creating and maintaining a good relationship with your medical team.

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