RMHP creates advertising campaigns that promote understanding of our organization and help consumers learn how we are different from other health plans. Our ad messages speak to our mission, our values, and our commitment to our Members and their good health.

Branding Campaign

Billboard Advertising:

Ad series

Print Advertisements:


78 is a fine Age.

Shovel in your Shorts.

A $2000 bike on a $200 car.

Colorado. Where formal wear means ironing your jeans.

Where April showers bring May blizzards.

Television Commercials:

Where we golf in January and ski in June.

Where formal wear means ironing your jeans.

$2000 bike on a $200 car.

Colorado.  Where the rocks are red and the chili's green.

Here's to Colorado.

Three Cheers for Colorado.

Colorado. I love you!

Rain on Wedding Day.

Dog & Dinner Party.

Rocky Mountain PBS Health Tips:

Drug Safety

Maintain a healthy weight

Partner with your doctor

Prevent Osteoporosis

Walk for good health

Individual and Family Campaign

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Save on Medicare
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