Member Testimonials

Rocky Mountain Health Plans believes in putting the Member at the center of everything we do. Each RMHP review underscores our commitment to our Members, while highlighting their remarkable stories.

RMHP Reviews - SOLO Members

Cindy Bennett
"You can’t really overstate how good the customer service is. It is the best customer service I have received in any industry ever and totally unprecedented in health insurance."

Elizabeth Bennett
“I don’t know whether it’s your corporate DNA or the water in Grand Junction, but (the customer service) is great."

Melinda Minton
“Rocky Mountain Health Plans helped me stay alive.”

RMHP Reviews - Medicare Members

Dolores Hernandez
“I like the fact Rocky Mountain Health Plans has a lot of doctors and facilities on the plan and you don’t have to have a referral to get treatment.”

Elaine Slade
"I totally trust Rocky Mountain. So many people complain about their health insurance, but that's completely unknown to me. I never have to worry with Rocky Mountain."

Fran Pinarchick
"So many other plans didn't let us go to our own doctor. It's a big benefit to be able to choose which doctor you want to see."

Joe Dombrowski
"Doctor's don't hesitate when you say you have Rocky Mountain Medicare. That's always good."

Leah Rae Hunter
"There were a few big reasons I switched from another plan to Rocky Mountain. Now I can pick up the phone and call someone for help right away."