RMHP Foundation Projects

Forging Partnerships that Make a Difference

The Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation is proud to provide partnerships and funding to support a broad array of charitable projects. To learn more about our current projects, review the list below.

We Can! Mesa County

There is a growing problem of pediatric obesity in the nation.  Up until now, no treatment program has been available in Mesa County for youth and their families who are interested in addressing this problem.  We Can! Mesa County is a new family-centered program to help overweight and obese children maintain a healthy weight through improved nutrition and increased physical activity. The goals are to increase health knowledge, improve health-related behaviors and stabilize or lower the body mass index in children.

We Can! Mesa County is open to any child in Mesa County 6-18 years of age, whose BMI is above the 85 percentile for age.  The program consists of weekly, individual visits with a pediatrician or dietician followed by a fun group visit with learning and 30 to 40 minutes of sweat-producing activity.

Meetings are:

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Snacks and Games provided
To join the group call: 970-243-5437
ask for Western Colorado Pediatric Associates

The program is funded through a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Phil Lawler Exercise4Learning Project (PLE4LP)

PLE4LP is funded by The Colorado Health Foundation with a purpose of creating a culture of wellness in the school community that promotes life-long healthy behaviors incorporating movement-based learning approaches in the classroom.

PLE4LP teaches schools (staff, students, parents, and community) to know:
  • The research around exercise and its relationship to achievement, behavior, and wellness.
  • Strategies for effectively incorporating that research into the educational setting.
  • The “New PE” model for fitness-based physical education.
  • Strategies to increase physical activity (PA) of students during the school day – including integrating it into the classroom both as breaks to reestablish focus and prepare the brain to learn and to support lesson concepts.
  • Strategies for developing a culture of wellness that promotes healthy lifestyles (e.g. healthy snacks/treats, PA as a reward instead of food, PA fund-raisers, etc.)

If your school is interested, please call the Foundation at: 970-248-5027.

Baby & Me, Tobacco Free (BMTF)
The Baby & Me, Tobacco Free (BMTF) approach to tobacco cessation – coaching, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and baby diaper incentives - is a successful method to help pregnant women stop smoking and to stay smoke free after their baby is born. The program was originally funded by a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation in 2007.

The State Board of Health awarded the Foundation a grant of $413,696 to oversee the BMTF program in these 28 sites, representing 33 counties in Colorado. This award begins January 1, 2014.

Foundation Advisory Board

Employees of Rocky Mountain Health Management Corporation provide support to communities throughout the state with their personal donations and with dollars raised from fundraising events.  Many of the community projects have been supported for years now, such as:  Girls on the Run, hygiene kits for homeless students in Denver and Mesa Counties, dental supplies for students, hospice grief camps for children who have lost a loved one, food baskets for home bound seniors.

Sustaining Integrated Care (SHAPE)

In partnership with the University of Colorado, Denver, Department of Family Medicine, and the Collaborative Family Health Association, SHAPE is testing a global budget model for integrated healthcare (medical, mental and behavioral) in six primary care practices in western Colorado.  Because mental and behavioral needs are presented in a primary care setting more often than in any other, a payment model to support an integrated approach is needed.  

The project will determine:
  • if a global payment method will financially support and sustain behavioral health in primary care;
  • to understand how different payment models will affect clinical models of integration and their related costs and
  • the real world application of a global payment methodology on primary care practices who have integrated behavioral health wit the end goal to inform policy.

Hygiene Kits for Homeless Students

Many children in the public school system are living in shelters, vehicles or in other inadequate conditions. To help those in need, the Foundation and employees of its management group provide hygiene kits to 500 homeless children each year. The kits offer many items children need to take care of themselves, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, deodorant, shampoo, nail clippers, lotion, cotton swabs, and more.

Worksite Wellness Program

The worksite wellness programs provide the tools, resources, and training to assist employers in improving the health of their employees. This comprehensive program focuses on promoting wellness, preventing illness, and identifying and successfully managing chronic diseases.

How You Can Help

Through the generosity of supporters like you and grant awards, the Foundation can continue to expand its activities to more Colorado residents in need. To make a 100% tax-deductible donation (Tax ID: 84-1424932), please make checks out to Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation and mail them to:

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation
2775 Crossroads Blvd.
Grand Junction, CO 81506